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The young cancer warrior who had Thomas Rhett choked up on stage at Buffalo, NY concert

For 11-year-old Madison Muckle’s birthday, she decided on a Thomas Rhett themed party. “She had TR cookies and favors,” says mom, Jaime. “You can say that she is definitely his biggest fan.”
So when she had the incredible opportunity to go on stage at his July 19th concert at Darien Lake, she couldn’t help but sob tears of happiness.

 “It truly was a team effort to get her up to the stage, so that Thomas could see her to bring her on stage.”
Madison proudly displayed a sign she handcrafted herself. It read:
LOOK WHAT GOD GAVE HERBeat Cancer – CheckThomas Rhett Concert – CheckSelfie With Thomas – Uncheck~Love You~

Her sign moved Thomas to tears when he saw it – rightfully so: Madison was and still is a true warrior.When she was three, she was diagnosed with ALL – a form of leukemia that jeopardized her young life. Her mom describes her daughter as a firecracker with the “red hair”.
“She fought with all of her might and when she wants something in life, her determination helps her get it.”She wanted more than anything to survive and come out stronger – and she did just that.
“I surprised Madison with the VIP tickets to Thomas’ show on the anniversary of her end-of-cancer treatment: April 10th. Madison is now 6-years cancer free. It’s just amazing to see the young girl she has become.”
They sat in Row 9. They didn’t know if Thomas would see the sign because they were further back behind the pit. That was until two young women next to them saw the poster and said, “We need to help you!”Then, what came next amazed Jaime and Madison.
“A guy near us said, ‘If you don’t mind, she can go on my shoulders and we can hold her up.’ He was so tall, like 6’5. He walked her right up to the stage because both him and his girlfriend were in the pit. Madison forgot her cell in the craziness of it all, so then we had people passing up her phone to her. Good thing because Thomas took that selfie that she had so badly wanted with her.” 
Jaime describes this experience as the best she has ever witnessed. The random kindness from so many truly restored her faith in humanity.

“You don’t always see the good in people but that night you saw the absolute best in people. I was truly in shock and just so, so happy for her.”
Thomas spent about two minutes with her on stage. He hugged her, kissed her forehead, and made sure it was a true wish-come-true.
“She now won’t let me wash the t shirt that she was wearing,” Jaime jokes.

What’s next for Madison? “She wants to become a doctor and work at Golisano Children’s Hospital in Rochester where she was treated when she was fighting against cancer.”
Talk about selfless and talk about the best outcome for a very deserving young girl.
To view the video of Madison on stage, click here.

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