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About Us

We are committed to igniting powerful change across the globe through hope-filled news every single day, as well as powerful giveback projects that support world-wide. Since starting in 2017, we have raised $600,000+ and changed countless lives through our charitable efforts of love. And we are not stopping anytime soon!


Hope Rises News aims to ignite hope through stories of love and goodwill across the globe.

Meet Hope Rises Founder, Kate Glaser

We celebrate compassion, love, strength, inspiration and most of all
. . . HOPE!

The next time you witness something or someone extraordinary, we want to hear from you! Tell us more about the story, so we can celebrate them on Hope Rises Network!

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At Hope Rises News, we believe that hope gives life meaning.

And hope is based on the prospect of being able to one day turn the actual world into one that looks better.