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One woman turns hair loss tragedy into unforgettable gift to others

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A passion for beauty and cosmetics, as well as trying to help others suffering like her, was the drive behind the start of The Saleh Hair Foundation out of Buffalo, NY. Bianca Saleh suffers from scarring alopecia, a hair loss disorder that causes permanent damage to hair follicles. The condition flared up in high school, at a time when self-image issues can leave long-lasting and damaging consequences. 

"I was very embarrassed by my hair loss, so I concentrated on finding hairstyles to help conceal my condition. I was so ashamed that I kept it a secret from my family and friends. I finally went into business for myself and opened a beauty supply store on Buffalo’s east side," she explains.

One day a customer suffering from hair loss walked into her shop, requesting help. With a network of resources, Bianca was able to obtain a wig for the woman in need. Instead of charging the woman, she knew in her heart that she had to step up for her in a big way. 

"I gifted the wig free of charge, and she was very happy."

Bianca realized the need for a charity in her community that assists women and children, who suffer from medical-related hair loss. Knowing the challenging expense of purchasing a wig, she began to turn her store into an online boutique and The Saleh Hair Foundation was put into motion. 

"The organization benefits financially disadvantaged women and children who suffer from heartbreaking challenges, like cancer, alopecia, trichotillomania or burn injuries. There are income parameters and medical documentation needed to qualify a recipient."

What makes the foundation so spectacular is the work behind the scenes to create the perfect fit, including accuracy and comfort.

"Wigs are available in curly, straight, wavy and kinky textures. They come in various natural hair colors that can be reviewed on our color chart. Recipients are eligible for a replacement or wig restoration every two years," Bianca explains.

Bianca says that starting the foundation has been a true gift, not just to others, but for her personally. 

"The pandemic shut down has made it impossible to administer head measurements, but one woman needed a wig right away. So, we communicated through social media and email, so that she could receive assistance and hope. She eventually received her wig in the mail and was happy and appreciative. I desire to reach as many women and children as possible, and one day I hope to expand and open a community and wellness center for all of our recipients," Bianca adds.

Love this organization as much as we do and wish to help support their charitable efforts? Right now they are soliciting donations for their fundraising initiative, The SHF 50/50 Challenge – committing to raising $50,000 in 50 weeks. Your donation to The Saleh Hair Foundation relieves a family or individual from taking on the burden of hair prosthesis, which can easily range from $1,000 – $3,000.
How incredible is that? 
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