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‘Freedom isn’t free’: Remembering my brother, a HERO, this Memorial Day

 Chelsea Cook lost her brother, Trevor…her hero, after the helicopter in which he was riding in crashed at Camp Pendleton. 
Sgt. Trevor Cook was part of the Marines and enlisted with determination and bravery. He understood that freedom isn’t free.

​​ It’s been more than five years since the fatal accident, but Chelsea holds Trevor close to her heart. It is her mission to make sure that he is never forgotten.
Chelsea’s words here.
“Trevor viewed the world differently than most. He saw the beauty in everything and everyone around him.
He changed the way people felt, bringing out the best in them.
Trevor and I had a special bond, we were best friends. He was my hero, even before the military. Being an older brother, he always protected me.
He always made me feel special, doing things for me such as posting songs on YouTube that he wrote, so I could watch them whenever I wanted. It helped during the times he was overseas, when we could not communicate on a regular basis. I still get to watch those videos and am thankful to be able to hear his goofy laugh, especially when I am missing him very much.
July 11th will mark seven years since we lost him, and he has left a legacy.
People continue to tell my family how Trevor has touched their lives. The outpouring of love my family has received from our community has been incredible. We are beyond blessed to have the support.

​​May we all learn to live like Trevor – a life with purpose, with intent, with an open heart. To do things that bring us joy.
To spend time with people who see the best in us and lift us up.”

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