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Young girl brings her Nana to tears with message of hope in driveway

Colorful chalk messages of hope and positivity was the mission for Kellie Lowe and her daughter, Olivia, during this isolated time of social distancing across the nation.

Messages like, ‘I love you, Papa’ and ‘We can get through this together’ filled sidewalks and driveways.

The mother-daughter duo visited the driveways of their family and friends to leave love and inspiration behind. “We rang then bell and when they would come to the door their faces were priceless,” Kellie says. “We wanted to shed a little bit of happiness in their lives.”
The most heartwarming reaction was Olivia’s message at her grandparent’s home. “My mother-in-law was brought to tears because she works in a hospital, so she cannot go near Olivia at all. She cannot hug her grandmother, so it’s heartbreaking – we hope this passes soon.”

​​ How does Kellie feel about her daughter’s excitement over these chalk messages?
“Children her age don’t grasp what’s going on, but Olivia was showing her kindness through these messages and that makes me extremely proud.”

They are now encouraging you to take advantage of the simple joys in life – like chalk messages of hope and getting outside to enjoy the outdoors during this difficult time.
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