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‘My baby’s precious life saved two babies and a woman, thanks to power of organ donation’

Our daughter, Addy, was the light of so many lives. From her infectious joy to her unstoppable giggle, which had the ability to make everyone around her smile. Addy was a true gift.

On January 6, 2018, Addy unexpectedly went into cardiac arrest. She was without oxygen, which caused irreversible brain damage and swelling. She tested positive for influenza B and pneumonia, which they could have treated. However, she wouldn’t wake from the brain damage to be able to treat her tiny body.
She was declared brain dead just three days later. Officially, she went into surgery to donate her tiny, perfect organs on January 11th. My husband, Zach and I are both organ donors, so we have always considered it meaningful and close to our hearts. When Addy donated her organs, it hit our hearts deep, knowing that other families were being impacted by my daughter. Not only impacted…but saved.

​​ Addy’s life, though it was just beginning, saved two babies – a 10-month-old and a 1-year-old, as well as a 66-year-old woman! One of the babies – her parents were heading to the hospital to say goodbye when they got the call saying they found an organ for her.
Addy was a true angel – she was put her for a very special reason.
The 66-year-old didn’t have to say goodbye to her loved ones, and the parents of those two baby girls didn’t have to face the reality of what we were facing. Addy gave them the gift of life, time and memories. They fact that we could give back and find something good in such a terrible situation, gave us something to hold onto. HOPE.
We truly hope that one day we can meet or speak with her organ recipients. It would mean the world to see those individuals that Addy is living through. It would be a dream come true to hear her heart again! That opportunity hasn’t happened yet, but I hope it will someday.
For now, we spend one day at a time honoring her life, doing things to make her proud, and living ours to the fullest FOR her. This year will be our second year participating in Philadelphia’s Annual Donor Dash! Our team has grown since last year and we are so honored to participate.

We hope Addy would be proud!
We appreciate Brittney Pinson writing in to Hope Rises in honor of her angel daughter, and also to reflect on National Organ Donation month in April. Please head to Hope Rises for other stories of love and HOPE, even in the wake of tragedy. 

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