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Bills QB gifted twin boys with unforgettable moment after tragic car accident claimed their father’s life

Twin boys, Jamie and Christian Bell, were elated to meet their favorite NFL quarterback – Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills!

They both beamed with joy in the arms of Josh, who took time out after a victory win at One Bills Drive to greet these young fans and make their dreams-come-true. 
“We had no idea that we would actually meet him,” says their mother, Samantha Torrey. “He had donated ten tickets to our family, and after the game we went down by the field and talked to one of Josh’s PR reps, who made the meet possible.”SLXLM

​​These boys have endured so much heartbreak in their young lives, and Josh offered up this unforgettable moment after hearing what they had suffered through. 
“Their dad, Nicholas, died in a car crash this past August, and they were in the car when it collided with a van, Samantha explains. “They survived, against all odds, but so sadly their dad did not.”
Samantha goes on to add that the twins shared an unbreakable bond with their father and his love for the Buffalo Bills. 
“It’s been over 24 hours and my boys are still talking about it today! They couldn’t wait to tell their friends at school. Josh thanked my boys for coming to watch him play, and my boys thanked him in return for gifting us with this unreal moment.” 
Before leaving, Josh hugged the boys tightly and signed everyone’s jersey, including their dad’s – it is something they will forever cherish and remember their father by. 

Kindness is everything. Thanks Josh Allen!

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