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A Hope Rises surprise for one beautiful birthday girl

Hundreds of birthday cards flooded the home of Zoe, who celebrated 41 on April 21st.

We put a call out on Hope Rises back in April, just before her birthday, to send cards and gift cards to support Zoe in her fight against MS. We wanted to shower her with love from all over.  
Her family members, including her husband and mother, were beyond shocked and thrilled to see the result from total strangers. 
“To all of you amazing people, thank you,” says Zoe’s mother, Nancy Eckerson. “This (below) is just a sampling of the many cards that came through and the cards kept coming for weeks and weeks, not to mention the hundreds of dollars worth of ice cream gift certificates and even certificates to wonderful restaurants.” 
Zoe is not doing well, and is now wheelchair bound. She is no longer able to swallow with ease or speak, due to the heartbreaking effects of MS. 
Zoe loves ice cream, as it’s something she can feast on easily. Many Hope Rises’ supporters included gift cards, so Zoe can treat herself whenever she desires. 
This heartbreaking situation needed HOPE…and some love. We were honored to feature Zoe on Hope Rises and raise awareness about this precious cause.
“Bless your hearts – we cannot thank you enough. What a fantastic outpouring of love,” Nancy adds. 

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