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Zoar the abused pit is saved by dream family and spoiled with ice cream treats and belly rubs

In February of 2018, Zoar, formerly Seal, and his brother, were found in an abandoned home in Buffalo, NY. Although we don’t know much about Zoar’s past definitively, signs revealed that he had a pretty rough start to life.

​​He came to the shelter very thin with many scars to his face and neck, with his left ear almost ripped in half. Zoar didn’t know how to play, take treats, walk on a leash or go to the bathroom outside.
He did know how to forgive, forget, love and cuddle.
My boyfriend and I are volunteers at the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter. We had just bought a home and were looking for the perfect dog to add to our lives. Zoar was it. We took him home February 21, 2018 to “foster”, but we knew he wasn’t going anywhere. He was right where he needed to be.
When we brought Zoar home, he was very sick with kennel cough and pneumonia. He wouldn’t eat any food – wet, dry, chicken and rice… nothing. So, we finally got him to eat, but it was Halo Top ice cream! From then on, ice cream was his favorite treat.

It has been a year now that we have had Zoar. He is a true example of an animal that is so willing to forgive the humans who betrayed him, and is learning to love again, although it didn’t take much learning for him to give love.
Zoar now has several dogs in the family that he is always hanging out with. He goes to daycare and is a favorite among the daycare employees and other dogs. He has been to the Adirondacks and Acadia National Park in Maine to hike mountains and swim in lakes. He has opened his home to three other dogs that truly were fosters; each has gone on to find their very own forever homes.
I hope Zoar’s story will help people realize that bully breeds deserve a second chance, or even a FIRST chance. Zoar almost wasn’t given that chance. Luckily, for us, he was rescued by the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter from a cold, abandoned home and now he sleeps in a warm bed every night, surrounded by love and a feeling of trust.

​​ To Zoar, we love you! 
This story was so beautifully submitted by Molly Webster. To find more stories like this one, click here.

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