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Young girl with alopecia stuns for second year on ‘Crazy Head Day’ at school

Take a look at this absolutely beautiful, young girl.
Meet Gianessa Wride.

​​When she was seven years old, she was diagnosed with a disorder called alopecia. Alopecia is a rare autoimmune disease that causes rapid hair loss.
Her mother, Daniella noticed that something wasn’t right when she was brushing Gianessa’s long brown hair, and with each stroke, clumps would fall out. But, rather than act to treat the alopecia with aggressive options for hair regrowth, Gianessa and her family decided that hair wasn’t all that important.
They, instead, embraced Gianessa’s beauty without hair. 
“I wanted her to love herself as she is right now,” Daniella exclaims.
When “Crazy Hair Day” came around at Gianessa’s school, she wanted to make a bold statement. And that bold statement captivated the entire world. 
Daniella bedazzled her daughter’s head with shiny sticker jewels, creating flower shapes and an owl. Not only was Gianessa the hit of her school – winning the “crazy hair competition” – her bravery and creativity went viral.

She told People, “I was sad at first when I lost my hair. But, now I love being bald. I can do things to my head that other kids can’t. I’m thinking now it might be fun to decorate my head with some sparkly butterflies and flowers.” 
This year (2018) Gianessa wanted diamonds to cover her head on “Crazy HEAD Day” to make an even bolder statement.
“She said to me, ‘I want to be covered in diamonds’ and it was spoken like the true princess she is,” Daniella joked. “Seriously, not sure there is more of a past life Queen than this young lady.”
Gianessa, you inspire us.

Thank you for being awesome! 

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