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Young boy diagnosed with autism signs I Love You to Mom: ‘Love needs no words’

The bond between mother and son is unbreakable. If you think this to be true, well this video below will have you saying, “Awww”.
Brayden signs “I love you” to his mother and it’s the best gift she could have received. 

Irene Lewis’ son, Brayden was diagnosed with Autism just months ago. But she says, this diagnosis hasn’t stopped her young son from being joyful, extra loving and so very special. LXLMS

​​ “During Brayden’s diagnosis, it was determined that his speech level was at the level of a 10-month-old. It is heartbreaking to hear as a parent and makes you question everything you think you are doing ‘right’. As much as I knew in my heart that the word Autism would be a familiar word to us, it was hard to hear the confirmation of it.”
However, with the confirmation, it gave Irene and her husband the answers that they had been praying for.
“We can only keep going up from here,” Irene exclaims. 
She adds, “Brayden’s determination has given us so much hope along the way. He is such a smart kid and I am not just saying that because I am his mother! When teaching him new things he does not give up until he reaches his goal.”
Irene glows when speaking about the love her son provides to so many on a daily basis. 
“One thing I fully understand from all of this is that love needs no words. His presence can light up a room and his happiness is truly contagious. I dare anyone not to fall in love with him when they meet him.”

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