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WNY family devastated after losing young woman suddenly before Christmas

This story falls close to home for the #HopeRises family – one of our best friend’s suffered an immense loss in the passing of 35-year-old Katie McEvoy – a young wife, well-loved friend and all around beautiful soul with an infectious spirit for living life to the fullest.

​​What a devastating loss so close to Christmas. 
Katie and her husband, Rick, were busy planning to hosting this Thanksgiving at their home with a group of family and friends when Katie fell ill and canceled all plans to try to rest. Katie spent the next ten days in and out of the hospital because she couldn’t keep water or food down.
Just days later, she was diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer. This diagnosis came as a shock, as Katie never smoked a cigarette in her life. 

Her husband Rick, who had lost his father to cancer 18 months before, worked tirelessly to get Katie admitted into Roswell Park for treatment.  The next day, she was rushed by ambulance to Roswell. Every one had high hopes knowing how excellent the care is at Roswell, and Rick admitted that he could finally sleep knowing that she was in the best place with top notch care. 

Unfortunately, while there, her heart rate spiked to a steady 150 bpm, and the decision was made to intubate. Katie was put on a breathing machine because her liver and kidneys were failing. Katie passed just eight days after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Katie is remembered for her love for music, her unbeatable smile and loving those around her without end. 
The family has started a GoFundMe with a goal of $15,000 – it neared $7,000 at the time of our story. Rick recently changed jobs and started his own LLC, putting every penny they had into starting this business. In doing so, they lost their family insurance coverage until the New Year. Both being young and healthy at the time, losing coverage for a few months didn’t seem to be an issue.

​​The mounting medical bills and the funeral expenses are overwhelming. If you wish to help a family in dire need this holiday season, please visit this GoFundMe page in memory of Katie. Let’s make a difference for a family that needs us.

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