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Why I picked Guatemala as my wedding destination

The deadly eruption that occurred in Guatemala weighs heavy on Erin Boyd’s heart. That’s because it’s a country that welcomed her with open arms on the most important day of her life: her wedding day.  
“We just fell in love with Guatemala mainly because of its beauty, but the people there are just so happy,” Erin says.

Erin is still a newlywed, marrying the love of her life in 2017. Many ask – “What about Guatemala hooked you in?”
It’s simple – Erin’s niece was adopted from Guatemala when she was just 7-months-old. Being so close to her niece, Erin traveled to the country in 2016 to show her niece where she is from. 
“We always thought we would get married in Mexico, but when we arrived to Antigua – the one in Guatemala, not the fancy Antigua with the fancy resorts – we couldn’t believe the beauty of it all. Despite being in the middle of some pretty poor areas, it was so important for our guests to experience this. It was truly eye opening.” 
Prior to their wedding, Erin, her husband and their bridal party hiked a volcano. A bit ironic, knowing the current state of the country. 
“I am a huge animal lover, and when we were there you just saw dogs everywhere. With the recent eruption of the volcano, were the dogs up there when it happened? I hope not, but that thought crosses my mind whenever I think about the tragedy. I hope that the families there receive all the love they need to get through this.” 

Despite the heartbreak, Erin thinks back on her wedding week in Guatemala and is overwhelmed with joyful emotion. 
“The entire event was a blur, but just to have close family and friends there celebrating with us was priceless.”

Erin with her niece

​​ Erin encourages those who wish to travel the world do so – “Don’t believe everything you read online about places you research. What you read online can sound scary, but I think you should take any opportunity to explore the world. There is so much beauty out there.”
To donate to the people of Guatemala, Erin suggests you head to: Mayan Families (click here)

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