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Viral travel blogger encourages you to experience the world

Jessica Johnston of Buffalo, NY had the typical 9-5 office life, after graduating from college in 2014, but she was miserable. She knew she needed a change, but she wasn’t sure what…she wasn’t sure how. 
That was when she saw a Dawn commercial highlighting volunteers cleaning up baby birds after an oil spill. As a compassionate animal lover, she knew she had to give up everything she had to pursue this adventure. 
Jessica raised enough money to fund her move to Thailand to volunteer at an animal sanctuary. She spent five months there, and says it was the, “most rewarding experience of her life”. 
This is where she met her boyfriend, Domonic, and they continued to travel the world together. 

Jessica now runs a very successful travel blog Back Pack With Me – @backpackwithme on Instagram and her site here.

Jessica has spent two years traveling, so far, and her next ventures include a road trip down the east coast of Australia, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore, and then a trip back to the U.S. for the holidays.
Check out her message here.

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