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US contractor in Afghanistan trying to save abused puppy with no ears: Can you help?

Meet Piggy.

​​His story is one full of complete sadness. But, Zach Knorr, an Army vet from Buffalo, NY, found him in Afghanistan while working as a contractor, and is attempting to save him.
He can’t do it alone. CAN YOU HELP?
Zach’s sister, Nicky, has put out a desperate plea for donations to bring Piggy back to the US to live a life of comfort, joy and unending love and attention. Read more from Nicky here:

“My brother came across Piggy and a few of his siblings while working. Needles to say, he fell in love with Piggy. Not only does this poor pup not have a home, but at some point shortly after he was born, someone cut his ears completely off. No animal should ever have to live this way or suffer at the hands of a human. We are working to change that. 

My brother was able to find an organization to help bring stray animals here from overseas,  but it is not a cheap process. All of the donations will go towards getting Piggy up to date on vaccinations, flights from overseas, travel crate, etc.
Please help donate or share this as much as possible to give Piggy a better life, and the loving home that he deserves!”
Unfortunately, local Afghan soldiers are attempting to keep Piggy there for dog fighting, knowing that efforts are being made to bring him to the United States. Piggy was missing for a few days, and was found with his sisters, bloody and weak. Zach is now working to save NOT JUST Piggy, but his fur siblings, too.

​​PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION HERE. All donations will be used to bring them home. 
We will continue to follow this story and update you as we have more information. You can also follow Piggy’s story HERE.

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