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Turning coffee beans into HOPE: How one woman is changing the world one cup of coffee at a time

Kate Vacanti is one of those beautiful souls, who captivates you with her ability to move mountains for others and remain persistent for impactful change.

​​ Kate is the Co-Founder of Let Them LOL, providing clean water, safety and educational opportunities for the people of Sierra Leone. 
It was after raising enough money for a water well in Africa years ago that she decided to travel to Sierra Leone to witness the installation of that very well. That is also when she witnessed the unjust suffering of those in Sierra Leone. One sweet baby in particular – Jonathan, who so sadly didn’t make it due to illness related to dirty water and malnutrition. 
With little resources for basic necessities, including clean water, Kate knew she couldn’t stop with just one well. Let Them LOL began, and she never looked back. 
Now, she is morphing that very cause into one impacting the people of her city – Buffalo, New York.

​​ “Born and raised in Buffalo, I love our city and believe that there is more for us! We are gritty, we don’t give up and we live up to our ‘City of Good Neighbors’ name. This is why I am so excited to announce Wonder Coffeehouse!
It will be located in a part of our city that is literally in the ruins. Once a place of industry and life, we will bring it back to life. Wonder Coffeehouse will be a place for the good neighbors to come together. Good, hot coffee for our cold Buffalo winters, and menu items that you will love that you can grab through the drive through or at a table in a setting that harkens back to what was and inspires what can be.
We are in the process of growing and sourcing beans from Sierra Leone, empowering people and providing jobs. Our welcoming environment will have you coming in for coffee, leaving encouraged and inspired.
We are in the early stages of Wonder Coffeehouse with a goal opening Summer 2019. Funds will help us see this dream off the ground. It will help us with floor plan, design elements, menu creation, decor, website, furniture, startup coffee and more!
To support Wonder Coffeehouse, click here to learn how your donation will make a big difference. 

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