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This makeup boss teams up with Hope Rises to give free prom makeovers to deserving girls

We think you can agree with us that every teenage girls deserves to feel like royalty on prom night. 
That’s why #HopeRises has teamed up with the best style boss around to offer prom makeovers for three deserving teens. The makeovers include full makeup and hair style. 
Thanks to Savannah Lennon of Goodie2Brows and the incredibly talented ladies of Sass Salon in Orchard Park for joining in on this give back project for prom season 2018. 
We sat down with Savannah Lennon to share with you why she is so passionate about spreading love and hope, and how she exudes beauty. We are so inspired by this incredible boss babe.

Savannah Lennon of Goodie2Brows:
1. Tell us how you got started with your business. 
I always knew I wanted to do more than live to work. I decided I was going to make a living doing things I loved, that way it would never truly feel like “work”. So I started my esthetics business over two years ago and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. 
2. What is it about making women feel their best that you love so much?
I don’t know any woman that doesn’t like to feel beautiful, but sometimes it’s not always easy to feel that way. I love that I can help women see the beauty that I see in them – they had it all along, I just help bring it out. It’s so rewarding to see the internal transformation that happens for them. 
3. How does outward beauty play into inner beauty? 
I believe inner beauty exists in every woman, but so often we forget to let the inner beauty shine because we’re busy filling up every one else’s cup. Makeup is just one of many ways I can fill up their cup, and remind them of all the beauty they hold within. 
4. You have teamed up with Hope Rises to give prom makeovers. Why is this so meaningful to you? 
I couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity to partner with Kate Glaser and Hope Rises. I really admire the movement and purpose of Hope Rises, but mostly I would love to help young girls feel beautiful about themselves, despite stereotypes society has created. I believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful inside and out, and know how valued they are. Especially our youth! 
5. How do you define HOPE and why do people need HOPE in their lives? 
To me, hope is having a positive outlook in all circumstances. Life can be really tough. But it’s important to have hope in our day to day lives, to bring us out of those tough times. Hope is the light in a dark world. 
6. Tell us more about you, Savannah. What are your passions and what do you hope for your community of Buffalo, NY? 
I’m 30 years old. I love animals, coffee, and the ocean. I currently offer makeup, microblading, lashes and now scalp micropigmentation. I am so passionate about all the services I offer because it allows me to get to know people on a personal level, and help them create an outward appearance that reflects their best inner self.
I know what it’s like to be made fun of for what I looked like in the past or feel insecure about my body. When you’ve been there, you can relate to people on another level, and really connect with what they’re looking to improve. This drives me to give my best in every service, so that they too can feel their best.
When you feel your best, it radiates to everyone you meet, and can truly create a positive impact on the world. That is my goal everyday.
Do you wish to nominate a girl for a FREE prom makeover via our Hope Rises “Acts of Hope and Love” initiative? 
Find out all of the information below and head to our Prom Makeover tab for the nomination form – #HOPERISES

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