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Team of dental experts gift woman with $30,000 in dental work after an abusive past

Hope Rises first brought you the story of LeeAnn Babirad in April. LeeAnn openly discussed a domestic abuse past with an ex, and how that impacts her to this day.

“Not only was their damage to the front of my mouth, but also my brain, where I no longer have the ability to smell,” she says.

Not long ago, she bit into soft garlic bread and her front tooth broke off. That was when a friend referred her to Dr. Roger Anderson of Cornerstone Periodontics and Dental Implants. She met with Dr. Anderson and explained her story, including an abusive past.

What happened in the coming weeks after her initial consultation came as utter shock.

“It blew my heart away,” LeeAnn says. “He said he wanted to help me in a BIG way and went on to say that he’d replace five of my damaged teeth, with implants, and would do so at no charge. What a blessing.”

Dr. Anderson says he was so moved by LeeAnn’s story of strength and how she battles an aggressive medical condition that leaves her sick most weeks.


“She was the recipient of the ‘Good Neighbor Award’ given once a year to a deserving individual,” he says. “We noticed how much she does for others, and how many challenges she has, and she truly was the perfect pick for this.”

Overall, Dr. Anderson says LeeAnn will receive more than $30,000 in dental work, donated so generously by his practice, as well as orthodontist, Dr. Scott Farley, and Dr. Laura Picano of East Amherst Dental Center.

The dental work will take months if not years to fully complete, including crowns, braces and the implants, but LeeAnn says the wait is so worth it.

“Sometimes the things we hope for are met with blessings that far exceed our level of hope. I decided a long time ago to remain hopeful, thankful, grateful and to always be kind.”

The kindness from Dr. Anderson extends to September 6, 2019 when he will host a ‘Day of Free Dentistry’ to community members in need. To learn more about Cornerstone Periodontics, click here.

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