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Teacher turns to social media for Ariana Grande ‘wish-come-true’ for special needs student

It was January 31, 2019 when Special Education teacher, Jen Brosius Willats turned to social media asking for help from the community in regards to her student, Cornell Jones – in her words “a delightful, talented student with the most amazing personality”.

​​Cornell is known as pop singer Ariana Grande’s “biggest fan”, sharing his admiration through drawings of her and sharing facts about her with everyone he meets at his school’s Bistro where he works. 
Just weeks after her online plea for tickets to Ariana’s Buffalo, NY concert, coming up in March, Cornell received the best news at his high school’s Pep Rally this month. 
Jen was able to reveal that a nonprofit organization called Kids Event Tickets gifted him with tickets to her concert, thanks to Random Acts Buffalo.
His emotion in this moment, surrounded by all of his peers and teachers, is priceless. Click here to watch. 
Jen is still working to make a meet and greet possible, along with special enhancements, like limo transportation to the concert venue. If you can help us with extra enhancements or even a meet and greet with Ariana Grande, please contact us. 
“It’s moments like this that make it all worth it,” says Jen. “Thanks to all who made this wish come true possible!!”
We will follow up with this story with more details and coverage of his big day, coming up March 22nd.


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