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Survivors of the Holocaust – my grandparents

On Holocaust Remembrance Day, let’s remember the survivors, their loves ones, as well as the ones who didn’t return. Thanks to contributing writer, Vilona Trachtenberg for her thoughts on this incredibly emotional day. 

The tumult of the Holocaust left millions of families torn apart, countries broken, and hope for the future lost. 
Ida was one of those who faced the Holocaust and underwent the unthinkable – losing her only daughter to starvation, losing her first husband who died while fighting the war, and losing her sister, niece and nephew to Nazi capture.
But through her heroic nature and strength, she survived. Throughout it all, she remained hopeful. 
She remarried right after the war, to her new husband, Volodia. Volodia had also lost his wife, kids and his parents during the war and survived living in a concentration camp.
Two hearts put together. And they had a miracle son, Michael, in 1947. 
It was a chance to rebuild. Her new family helped her push and continue living. She was missing more of her family, though. 
Ida’s brothers had started moving to America back in the 1920s, and she decided after all she had gone through, it was time to be reunited with her brothers after so many years.
Ida convinced her son and husband that it was time to leave Moldova and time to move to the promise land. In 1980, the reunion happened. Buffalo would be that reunion spot.
Her dream of seeing her brothers – Joseph, Harold, and Eddie came true, and she couldn’t be happier. That is, until she found out her son was going to have a child. 
Ida became a grandmother once again in her new land at the end of 1990.
This is my grandmother and I could not be more proud and grateful to have had that kind of influence. My grandfather, Volodia, is who I’m named after.
I will continue striving to live every day in their honor, and be grateful for every miracle. 

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