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Strangers graciously step forward to help young girl whose bike was stolen

Our hearts are that much happier after reading about a young girl’s joyful reaction when strangers purchased a brand new bike for her. This story is proof that HOPE always RISES. 

 When 8-year-old Abby of Buffalo, NY discovered that her bike had been stolen, she pushed through her disappointment to raise the money for a new bike.
She set up a lemonade stand, collecting coins and dollar bills from passerbys along her street. Her hope was to collect enough to purchase a new bike to replace the one that had been stolen.
That’s when two successful businessmen in her community saw what she was doing, and knew they had to do something, anything. 
Her “bike heroes” – Howard Cadmus and Stefan Mychajiliw. 
“I’m happy to help Abby. I hope she understands that bad things happen, but when you live in a great community like Western New York, people will always come to your aid,” says Cadmus. 
The unsung heroes rounded up what she needed in funds after selling her lemonade. They wanted her to be able to buy the bike that her little heart desired. 
“The first bike I ever had was donated to me by an organization because I was underprivileged, and needed the extra help,” Cadmus adds. “I am blessed to be able to pass on the love to Abby and her family.” 
Cadmus says, with a laugh, that Abby is a gymnastics fan, and showed her appreciation by doing cartwheels for the pair when they dropped off the money. 
“I have to admit that for $150 glass of lemonade, I did only drink a little because it was VERY SWEET!”
The photo of the delivery is pictured here. 


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