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Please do not look away – orphaned boy with broken body needs a home

We post as many hopeful stories as we can, but this is one that puts us at a loss for words. We truly don’t know how this boy has survived for so long. 
This is Malachy. He is sitting in a Ukrainian orphanage.

​​ We HOPE this story spreads the urgent need for this 15-year-old boy, who doesn’t look older than two.
Do not scroll past or turn away. Please share Malachy. Please help us find him a mama and papa, and a family to love him and hold him. 

​​This tiny, twisted and broken body belongs to a 15 year old boy. This little fighter deserves a chance to be loved and cared for. There is still life in those lovely eyes of his.

He will turn 16 in October, which means he will no longer be able to be adopted by an American family. He will be lost in the system once he turns 16.

There is still plenty of time for a family to file an i600a before his 16th birthday and then get to work on a home study.

If your family is willing and able to care for this beautiful boy, please run to him. Before it is too late. He is eligible for a $10k grant, and has a $2,500 matching grant!

Can you help him? Please click here to find out how you can apply to save Malachy. 

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