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Pin Ups for a Cause: Helping the greater good

Meet Kim Cich, fondly known as Kimmy-Sue. She is the founder of Pin Ups for a Cause, a nationwide effort to create a ripple effect of love and goodwill. 
How is she doing that?
“It’s a vintage inspired volunteer driven organization with pin up dolls, who are devoted to helping nonprofits raise money at their events,” Kimmy-Sue says. 
Hope Rises sat down with Kimmy-Sue and we felt her infectious spirit from the start. With a shining personality, you would never guess that the founder of an organization like this one was once at a dark point in her life. 
“I started this three years ago. It’s all about coming beside nonprofits and helping them raise crucial funds. Nonprofits like the Food Bank, animal rescues – specifically bully breed causes – veteran outreach efforts, and Honor Flight.” 
“Thinking about my dark place is a funny thing – no one wants to go back to their dark place, it can be quite uncomfortable, but it’s all part of my story.”
She adds – “I had a major neck injury, I lost my marriage of 15-years, lost my career, and I went from someone who had just about everything to someone who had to press the restart button.”

​​But Pin Ups for a Cause gave Kimmy-Sue a new purpose and she is so blessed for her journey. 
She says those blessings come in the form of holding the hand of an elderly veteran, or hugging the neck of a pit bull rescue dog in need of a loving home.  “It truly was the legacy of my grandparents. My grandfather served in World War 11 and my grandmother was a pin up model. Putting on the white gloves and the makeup, and all of the dresses, I can feel my grandmother right there with me.” 
Kimmy-Sue says that one of the most meaningful aspects of her organization is how it’s been able to impact even those who volunteer their time, energy and talents. She says it’s been life-changing and even life-saving. 
“We all need to be told that we are enough in life. Pin Ups for a Cause accepts all kind souls.”
To join Pin Ups for a Cause, email Kim at or head to Kimmy-Sue’s Facebook page here.

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