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Photographers capture final moments of pup siblings as special gift to their family

Emily Kotlarz was 8-years-old when her family adopted two puppies and brought them lovingly into their home. 
“They are brother and sister,” she says. “We were only supposed to get one, but they couldn’t be separated. They have been with each other their whole lives.” 

The puppies were there for the family through many years of beautiful highs, and disappointing lows.
So, it was utterly devastating for the family when news came that Honey and Licorice were both in poor health. Emily, a fashion model known in her community for taking stunning photos, posted this to her social media:  
I normally don’t post personal stuff like this on social media in general but today I was told that we would be putting down my sweet babies within the next two weeks. I was hoping one of my PHOTOGRAPHER friends would come to take pictures of them. It would be an absolute blessing. They have been in my life since I was 8 and I cannot remember a time without them. This is hitting my family hard and we just want to have beautiful pictures of their last celebration. Please contact me if you would be interested and I thank you for your time for reading this post❤️
Emily’s social media exploded with offers. Two photographers in particular signed right on to help capture the final moments of Honey and Licorice at a celebration of life a few days before they were scheduled to be put down. 
“For 13 years they blessed my family with love, companionship and joy. To have the friends I do, who are professional photographers, is an absolute blessing! It makes me tear up knowing that I have friends who are caring and thoughtful like they are. It’s hard to say that I won’t be coming home to the pups’ smiling faces and welcoming barks anymore.
But I know, I will see them again and they are no longer in pain.” 
Enjoy the photos below, courtesy: Nicole Wickins Photography and Under Oath Photography

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