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Paralyzed kitties, sitting in an overcrowded shelter, rescued together

Her back legs can no longer move. 
The animal shelter that reached out to Hope Rises, pleading for help in networking her, says she was most likely hit by a car when she was living on the streets. She was forced to drag herself around to survive. 
A kind passerby saw this sweetie, and helped by scooping her up and taking her to a local vet. The vet assessed her, and found maggots and sores around her tail and butt from having to drag herself. 
The vet knew life would be extremely hard for this homeless kitty, but she had hope for her. 
It’s a tough life for animals in a shelter setting. Though shelter volunteers try their best to make it a joyful life, reality is that many are overcrowded and underfunded. 
However, when the shelter showed us a photo of Myrtle (left), we knew we had to try our best to help by pulling her to safety. 
And that’s EXACTLY what we did. 
We are so happy to say that Myrtle will travel from shelter life in South Carolina to Buffalo, NY end of June, where she will live out her days as a happy house kitty, thanks to Joanne Kawa. Myrtle is not coming alone. 

​​This four-legged perfection (right) is also in desperate need. We couldn’t leave her behind – she is just a few months old. 
The vet says she was attacked by a dog, suffering from internal injuries. 
Joanne has also agreed to take this baby in and both paralyzed kitties will live out their days with love, extra TLC and knowing that they are always safe. 
This kitty doesn’t have a name – can you help us pick one for her? Leave your thoughts in the comment section to this story. 
Special thanks to Stephanie Jones of Marlboro County Humane Society for being a true angel to so many homeless animals in need. 
Hope ALWAYS Rises. 

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