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‘Pancho Power’ book forever captures the legacy of Bills superfan – Pancho Billa

For any Buffalo Bills fan, and even those who don’t follow Buffalo’s NFL team, Pancho Billa is a name that embodies determination…fandom…and BILLS MAFIA, BABY.

Pancho Billa is behind the Buffalo Bills one thousand percent – through the wins and through the losses. The Texas native, whose name is Ezra Castro, is much more than just a superfan with a mask – so many love his spirit and fight.
In recent months, his fight against cancer has been quite public. Pancho Bills recently entered Hospice care in Texas. 
“I met Pancho four years ago and he had been following me, just like I was following him, as he was a big fan of my writing,” says Roselyn Kasmire. 
Roselyn is a children’s author, also from Buffalo, and was contacted by Pancho about a year ago to discuss a book starring Pancho. “He wanted his story in black and white – really a book to write his legacy and have it last forever in written form.”
He asked Roselyn to author the story and although the book is not yet finished, Roselyn revealed more about its summary.
“It’s about a young boy – Ezra – who has challenges, but uses everything he stands for to overcome these challenges: family, friendship, his love for the Buffalo Bills, perseverance.” 
Of course, the young Ezra uses his mask to pull through and overcome his struggles. 

With Roselyn being so close to Pancho and Pancho’s loved ones, we asked her how she is handling the news of Pancho being under Hospice care. “Having this book is his dream, and I am thinking very positively and keeping the faith through it all.”
She adds, “Trust me, it’s a story that you will not want to miss!”
Viva Los Bills! We cannot wait for this story.

Pancho Power  is set to come out in June 2019. Follow Hope Rises for all of the exciting updates! For those not in the Buffalo, NY region to purchase the book locally, it will also be available through Barnes and Noble.
Roselyn wishes to thank book illustrator, Michael Biondo, Rocio Martinez-Andrews of Professional Interpreting Services, Del Reid of 26Shirts and Larry Palme and Joe Panella of the Buffalo Bills San Diego Backers Club. 

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