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‘Musician medics’ are providing healing through the gift of music

Jessika Schreiber and Chris Kacala of Jessika & The Feels band create jaw-dropping music – Jessika through her voice and Chris on the guitar. But, what perhaps is most beautiful about this collaboration is that they utilize their talents for so much good.


The program: Musician Medics.

Music has long been regarded as a source of healing for those faced with illness. When it comes to children, music is essential medicine to combat the loneliness of a hospital room.

Jessika and Chris say that Oishei Children’s Hospital, in their hometown of Buffalo, NY, is their escape from reality and where they find most joy, and they do so through the Musician Medics program. 

“We’ve gotten the chance to play for a bunch of different pediatric patients over the course of our visits. Sue Mirabella, the Entertainment and Donation Coordinator of Oishei Children’s Hospital, takes us from room to room to play for the children who welcome us in. Sue has mentioned that the music is proven to alleviate stress and anxiety.

What’s most rewarding for us is seeing the light in the children’s eyes – it just brightens the room as soon as they hear the guitar begin to play. Sometimes the kids are old enough to sing along, and other times they are just infants or toddlers, who can’t yet talk, but their bodies react, whether it be swaying or clapping.”

Most recently, they played for a female patient, who is hearing impaired. Through that experience, they fully understood that music truly has no limitations. It means love and HOPE.

Through the translator, Rachel from Service Bridges, Inc., the patient was able to feel the beat and experience the song. Take a look at the inspiration by heading here.

To learn more about Jessika & The Feels click here.

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