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Music bridges the gap between Autism and the world

Sonny Muscato was diagnosed with autism at a young age. Since then, he has faced many struggles. 
Sonny had moved from school to school, as his teachers weren’t suited to teach children diagnosed with autism. As a solution, he was put into various institutions to support his needs.
Tragically, his father found out Sonny was being abused in those institutions. Yes, horrifying.
The bright light in Sonny’s life is music. Whenever he was in music class, he was able to zone in and thoroughly enjoy being in the moment. 
Now, Sonny attends Alfred State where he is part of a creative movie-making program. His brother, Max, his father, Marc, and Max’s friend, Alea understand that art programs are crucial for those living with autism. The programs assist with building life skills and creating a resume for college and future job opportunities. 
To offer support and love, they together started the nonprofit – Rock Autism. 
They have set out to raise money through concerts and comedy shows, and in return, donate the money to programs, like Sonny’s, to help even more faced with autism.

To learn more about Rock autism, click here.

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