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Mom creates ‘pocket-size mommy’ to help anxious son. Now it’s helping children worldwide

Transitions can be tough for young kids. Especially the major adjustment from home life to school life.

One mom was deeply impacted by her son’s anxiety ahead of kindergarten and she wondered what she could to help ease the burden he was feeling.


So instead of wondering, she took action.

Let us introduce you to DebbieLynn Rutkowski and share with you how she is changing her son’s world, and the world for so many others.

“My Pocket People’s beginning – created by a mom. For moms, and dads, and kids. For families.  

My son Nathan had a really hard time preparing for kindergarten.  He did not want to leave me or the comfort of his normal routine. I wasn’t ready for him to be growing up either *sigh*. It was really hard for me to see him so anxious and I wished I could go with him or just not send him at all.

As the days drew closer, his anxiety was gaining momentum, and so was mine. I knew he couldn’t take his blanket, his stuffed animal, or me.


I suggested that he take something of mine that he could carry in his pocket, but the thought of losing it also got him worried. Then a light came on: I hurried around the house and created a very small and very effective solution for him. A mini ‘mommy’ that attached to his belt loop and hid in his pocket. That way he couldn’t lose it and it wouldn’t cause a distraction in school.

His reaction when I showed it to him was incredible! There was a look of relief in his eyes. I couldn’t believe it!

That simple thing, and the thought of me with him, helped him so much. It was actually calming to me knowing it brought him such a level of comfort. He asked to wear it every day to kindergarten. Then first grade. It also helped him with the transition to a new school.

I got so much good feedback and was asked to make ‘Pocket People’ for friends, so that’s what I did.

Nathan is in 4th grade and he has grown out of his pocket mommy. I now hand paint and personalize these little loved ones for other kids and families. It genuinely makes my heart so happy to help in this way.”

To find out more about this family essential, click here.

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