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Juliet, the potbellied pig, saved after strangers drive 24-hours to rescue her from slaughter

This is one of those stories that makes your heart swell.

Two women, who didn’t know one another prior, offered to drive 12-hours each way to rescue a potbellied pig from being slaughtered. This rescue, organized by Ginny Cerasani, came together in just a matter of hours. 
Ginny of Black Dogs, Second Chance Animal Rescue tells Hope Rises that the pig wandered onto a farm in Illinois, and didn’t have an owner. The farmer who found her was open to her being rescued, as long as she was picked up. Ginny had to work fast to get the proper vaccines and paperwork for the pig, who came to be known as Juliet, to travel out of state. 
She also had to raise necessary funds to make this rescue transport possible. 
“I posted a desperate plea on an animal advocate group, asking if someone was crazy enough to drive, and a woman named Linda messaged me. She was very enthusiastic from the beginning. I gave her money, thanks to donations we collected, for a rental van, gas, food and lodging.”
She went on to say, “We didn’t want Linda to drive alone, so another incredible woman stepped up to help. They didn’t know each other, but agreed to drive all the way together! Now that is kindness at its best.” 
Those two rescue angels are Linda Sherer and Brittany Helinski. Brittany is a volunteer through Hamburg Mutts for Freedom. 
The happiest of endings: Juliet was officially adopted by a loving family committed to caring for her forever. She will live out her piggy days in the best way!
Enjoy the “love at first sight” photos here, with lots of piggy tail wags! 

Ioney for a rental van, gas, food, and lodging.They don’t know each other but agreed to drive all that way with a complete stranger!They stopped at my house and my husband loaded them up with a crate, hay, feed from my mom (she has a farm next door) and garbage bags, tarps, etc.,The farmer was able to get Juliet into the bet so I sent along cash to reimburse him.

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