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Josie the miracle pup and why you should choose RESCUE next time you adopt

Thanks to Jessica Caitlin for submitting her story about her miracle pup, Josie. Josie was adopted through the efforts of Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue, the organization Hope Rises fundraises for, and supports with awareness. 
Hear more from Josie’s mommy, Jessica, about her journey to get Josie. 
Can we all agree that she is as pretty as Snow White? 

 She is the most loving and loyal snuggle bug you’ll ever meet.
Josie was dropped off at the Buffalo City Shelter, recently pregnant, and thankfully rescued by Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue. She was on death row.
Her face kept popping up on my news feed, in need of a home, and I was instantly drawn to her and her story.
After a family discussion to adopt her, the day before she was to be put into boarding, we welcomed her into our home! This girl has been through a lot since Memorial Day weekend of 2017, when she became part of our family, and she is finally stable, which took nearly ten months to accomplish.
She had her spleen removed while being spayed, as they found it was enlarged with benign tumors. This was only the beginning.

​​Once in our hands, she was further checked out and was diagnosed with life threatening anemia, bacteria in her gut (which was most likely from eating raw chicken at some point in her life), and a rare, life-threatening blood parasite – babesia. She has had countless trips to the vet, blood tests, fecal tests, taken countless medications and had a lifesaving blood transfusion.
While we have spent countless hours dealing with the ups and downs, caring for her, and loving her, Diamonds rescue has spent thousands of dollars to allow us to nurse her back to health and become part of a family that would walk to the end of the earth for her. They never gave up on Josie and made sure that we were able to give her the care she so desperately needed. 
Please consider supporting rescue efforts. Do it, for beautiful souls, like Josie. 

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