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Hope Rises teams up with Kind Quilts to give comfort to sick kids

Kind Quilts gives immense happiness to seriously ill adults and children around the world with the production and distribution of patchwork quilts. 

It is their motto that while they can’t heal the sick, they strive to warm hearts and souls with a tangible gift of love and care. 
Hope Rises is thrilled to partner with Kind Quilts, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Founder, Dean Shull and a team of other committed volunteers.

​​ Kind Quilts has already helped one featured Hope Rises child – Journey, batting a critical heart defect and Teddy, also battling a life-threatening heart defect. They have also handed quilts out to hospitals and organizations like Make-A-Wish. 
Kind Quilts is always looking for additional volunteers and groups to gather together to create quilts. One of those groups, Master Kim’s Taekwondo Institute in Rochester, is in the process of creating dozens of quilts for kids enduring critical illness.
To find out more about championing this incredible cause, reach out to Kind Quilts by clicking here.

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