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Hope Rises sponsors wheelchair for boy with beaming smile

Meet Collin – the 4-year-old with a smile that truly lights up this world.

​​ We do not personally know Collin and his family, as they live hundreds of miles from where Hope Rises is based out of. But, the mission of HOPE RISES has brought us together. 
For Christmas, Collin will receive his wheelchair, sponsored by Hope Rises through Bella’s Bumbas – a cause we are incredibly passionate about. 
Bella’s Bumbas is a nonprofit dedicated to providing healing and everlasting joy to children who are bound to wheelchairs, faced with illnesses like Spina bifida. 
This healing and joy comes through the gift of a wheelchair, at no cost to the family. 
Collin’s mother Heather says the wheelchair is certainly a gift that brings immeasurable benefits. “It will allow him to start exploring his surroundings at a different perspective and hopefully it will motivate him to be more mobile and enjoy more of what life has to offer.” 
Collin is faced with a handful of medical conditions – hydrocephalus, pulmonary hypertension and ventilator dependence, just to name a few. 
He was born at just 29-weeks.
We are thrilled for Collin to receive his new wheelchair on Christmas morning! Stay tuned for the wheelchair surprise!
Thank you to everyone who donated to our event in support of Bella’s Bumbas. 

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