Hope Rises Help: Silent donors continue gifting out funds during Covid-19

We are consistently awe-inspired by the many heroes of our world. Since this pandemic took hold, we have felt and heard about the negative impact. But, what we have seen is SO MUCH GOOD.

From random acts of kindness to lifesaving measures, HOPE and love is prevailing over darkness daily.

Through the Hope Rises channel, we have had 18 anonymous angels step up, offering financial support to a total of 26 families. Nearly $4,000 was gifted out over these past 2-weeks!

Now, we have received an additional gift from a community angel, who wishes to remain silent. It is her request to help a family that has experienced unemployment due to Covid-19 in the last month. She wishes to help this family with bills and/or groceries including diapers if little ones are in the household – at a total donation of $250.

To apply for this assistance, please head to our Facebook page and message us or click here.

Thank you to the many donors for showing us that no matter the darkness…light overpowers! We are all in this together.