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HEARTBREAKING: Young mom fighting aggressive cancer wishes for sleepover party

Ryan Kania is the epitome of strength. And she certainly is surrounded by those who love her: her husband, son, family, friends and even strangers, who have been impacted by her story. Us included.

​​ Ryan needs it – she is battling the most aggressive and devastating fight of her life. She was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer. She is just 33-years-old. 
A wife. A mom to precious baby boy, Mason. A true warrior. 
So, with this heartbreaking diagnosis, Ryan is undergoing aggressive treatment to combat it, including chemotherapy targeted at her abdomen and lymph nodes, as well as stabilizing blood clots caused by the cancer. 
As a result of the blood clots in her legs, heart and lungs, she suffered a minor stroke. 
Just days prior to the holidays, doctors told her that there is nothing they can do to stop the cancer from taking over. Ryan and her family are soaking up each and every moment ahead.

​​Ryan has been in and out of the hospital, keeping her away from her precious baby and husband. Ryan’s sister, Ami, connected with Hope Rises and wanted to lift her spirits, and to give her the most beautiful memories with those she loves most. Ami told Hope Rises Ryan had one simple request: 
“A sleepover with my fourteen closest family and friends…the PENTHOUSE suite,” she joked. “Time to play games, spend an entire night together and make lasting memories.”
The simplest wish for a woman that is braver and stronger than most.  Can we make it happen? Do you have a connection with a hotel in the Depew / Cheektowaga area? If you do, would you mind working with us to give Ryan this unforgettable experience? Do you have other ideas to make this moment even BETTER? 
Please reach out by clicking here and sending us a message. 
Hope ALWAYS Rises!
If you wish to support Ryan’s GoFundMe page, which will help with medical bills and her son’s future care, please click here.

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