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From Buffalo to LA, singer Mindy Davey soaring to musical success

“Morgan’s Song” artist, Mindy Davey is growing into her stardom – just this week recording at Capitol Records in Los Angeles and sharing the same recording booth as stars such as, Ariana Grande, Paul McCartney, Tori Kelly, and Norah Jones.

This is something she once only dreamed of, and with perseverance, dedication and passion, that dream became reality. 
The mother and wife from Buffalo, NY has been performing as a singer-songwriter for years, and this big break is not only exciting for her, but also for her hometown. 
Catch her video message, taken from the studio at Capitol Records, with Mindy’s manager, Mike Letica and Producer, Nathan Walters. 
Mindy was introduced to the Hope Rises mission after seeing a post about a young girl who thought about ending her life due to bullying. Mindy contacted us, wishing to do more to help and show this young girl love. 
Not only did she collect cards and gifts of love, she was inspired to write “Morgan’s Song”, which went viral across her community. “Morgan’s Song” is not just a musical hit, it became a teaching lesson on the devastating effects of bullying. 
“Morgan’s Song” was turned into a music video, which can be viewed here.

​​ To learn more about the Hope Rises mission, head to our Facebook page here.

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