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For men & women facing infertility – ‘You are part of one badass group that will get through it’

Did you know that National Infertility Awareness Week is April 22nd through the 28th? Infertility is defined as not being able to become pregnant after one full year of trying. 
Many women face infertility. But it’s an avoided topic. 
And it’s an incredibly difficult topic. 
We are opening up the conversation about the reality of infertility by featuring women who have experienced the harsh reality of trying to conceive. Hear about one woman’s journey below.
“After almost 2-years, 5 rounds of oral fertility meds, 2 rounds of IUI, 1 failed frozen embryo transfer, and too many doctor appointments, blood draws, injections to count, we are beyond excited to announce that our TWO MIRACLES will be arriving this October.

This picture may be shocking for some, but it does not even begin to encompass the roller coaster that is infertility. The needles and daily injections, the tears, the feelings of emptiness, anger and fear is unimaginable unless you have been through it.
But the friendships forged through the shared pain, the overwhelming support from loved ones, and the joy of hearing those tiny heartbeats for the first time brings a kind of joy that could only be from God. I also know that God brought me to my husband for this exact purpose. 
He has never faltered. This did not break us.
This journey stripped us to our cores and when the fear and pain were too much for one of us, the other was always there, strong for both. For this, I am thankful.
We will be able to raise these two beautiful souls with renewed strength and unconditional love. 
As I watched person after person around us become pregnant over the last 2-years, it was mixed with happiness and heartbreak. I realize that this post may be a punch in the gut for many, as there are countless couples fighting their own battle to become parents or add to their families. All I can say is…I am sorry.
I truly do not know if it will happen to you. You’re damn right – IT SUCKS! It’s not fair. 
Cry those tears. And then pick yourself up and keep going. Know that you are NOT alone. You are a member of a very large group of badass, powerful men and women that will get through it.” ~Allison Silveira 


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