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Feeling hopeless? Foster an animal from your local shelter or rescue

When Emily Ciraolo was transitioned to work remotely last week, she knew it wouldn’t be just a short term decision. With more time at home, and an opportunity to focus more on her adopted dog, Carlo, she thought – why not add another friend to the mix?

​​“I fostered before with a rescue called Queen City Pitties, and a post by Be Your Voice rescue went up, notifying the community that they were trying to pull all of the zdogs from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter in case it was shut down due to the pandemic,” she said.
With limited staffing and no volunteers allowed inside the shelter, almost all of the dogs were pulled, except two. Emily agreed to take one of those two dogs under Queen City Pitties.
“Patrick came to us…and Patrick is now Teddy!”
Emily picked up Teddy, a 4-year-old pit mix and he leaped out of the shelter into her car, happy to be heading to a home. Emily said despite dry eye issues, he is healing from a neuter and is adjusting remarkably well. His giant tail wags reveal his unbeatable joy.
“Fostering is a great way to learn if you really want a dog, or want another dog in my case. I took a year off, but now is the time – it’s really a perfect time. We are all home and keep them on a consistent schedule. You have more time to devote to the dog.”
She adds that the reward is greater than the work and heart that goes into fostering.

‘People ask, ‘Don’t you want to keep the dog?’ I mean yes it’s hard but when you see your foster go to the best possible home that is a big mission accomplished. It makes you feel good and it’s one way to help in a time when people feel hopeless.”
She adds that for those who are interested in saving a shelter dog or cat, to find a local rescue in your area that are desperate for fosters. Emily reminds others that fostering is completely free!
As for a shameless plug for Teddy – he is crate trained, house broken and a huge lover. “Anyone who adopts him would be lucky,” Emily exclaims.

​​To find a rescue in the WNY region, click here.