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Family on a mission to help those faced with reality of the NICU

Evie Lux – such a beautiful name for an even more beautiful baby. 
She was born on March 18, 2018. Her proud parents, Chris and Christina swaddled her in a hospital blanket and adorned her tiny head with a bow. Everything was picture perfect for the parents and their loved ones. 

But just 24-hours later, nurses noticed that Evie’s color wasn’t right and her breathing appeared rapid. X-rays were ordered, and Evie was immediately transferred to Oishei Children’s Hospital in downtown Buffalo, NY for specialty care. 
Evie was diagnosed with Pneumothorax, a rare condition impacting her tiny lungs, causing them to collapse. Air developed outside her lungs, and nearly suffocated her. She was also suffering from an infection. 
This young angel was in rough shape. 
Thanks to the unparalleled medical care from nurses at the NICU and around the clock attention with a breathing machine, Evie progressed immensely and graduated from the NICU within nine days. 
During her NICU stay, both Chris and Christina learned the incredibly tough reality of having a small child with a life-threatening medical condition. Chris wasn’t able to work, devoting his time to his girls during their hospital stay, and Christina was recovering from a C-Section. 

Their loved ones rallied for them, but they knew they had to help other families who potentially didn’t have the financial love and support coming from family and friends. 
Chris and Christina started Evie’s Angels – a mission to help raise money for families of the NICU. 
Christina is the proud owner of Baby Cakes Bakery, a very successful bakery focusing on delicious, fresh baked cupcakes. It is now their passion to give back through baked good sales each March – the month of Evie’s birth. 
They plan to sell the cupcakes through the Oishei Children’s Hospital network and donate 100% back to a family or families in critical need. 
Though they are just getting started with their charity efforts, they are anxious to use Evie’s experience in the NICU as a positive force of love, kindness and HOPE.
Follow their journey by heading over to Evie’s Angels. We thank Chris and Chrisitina for sharing their story with Hope Rises. 

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