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Devastating fire while newlyweds enjoy honeymoon: How this couple has picked up the pieces

When you are on your honeymoon, your priorities include unforgettable adventure, ultimate relaxation and spending as much quality time with your significant other before you head back to reality. For one Rochester, NY couple, their honeymoon was interrupted by devastation just two days into their vacation. 

Kera and Adam Nugent were vacationing in Florida back in March when they started to receive calls and snaps to their phones. “I didn’t pay much attention at first because I didn’t want to be on my phone while on my honeymoon, but they got more frequent and we knew something wasn’t right,” says Kera.

​​ One of their friends sent a photo of their home not just on fire, but at a complete loss – “It was heartbreaking seeing it demolished like that,” exclaims Kera. 
Not only did the couple lose their belongings, including irreplaceable keepsakes from Kera’s mother, who died when she was young, they also lost their beloved kitty, Layla. 
“We had two rescue kitties, and losing Layla just shattered us. Our other kitty, Duke, leaped from the second story window to escape. He suffered burns to his paws, and even sadder, he is missing his companion, Layla, but he is doing okay.”

​​Their loved ones and the entire community have come together to help the Nugents, including hosting a GoFundMe page that raised more than $7,000. The couple now has a pending sale on a new home and funds that have been raised will help them with this new chapter. 
A fundraiser will also be held on Saturday, May 11th at Masons on Alexander from noon to 4pm. It’s just a $5 admission to come together for the couple to show your support. For more information about this benefit, please click here.
“We want this to be more of a celebration than a fundraiser for us – for all of those who stepped up and really carried us through this tragic time in our lives,” adds Kera. 

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