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Death row dog abandoned by railroad tracks gets her HAPPY ENDING

A dog that was abandoned earlier this week near railroad tracks and left to die in Niagara Falls, NY received her happy ending today!
Her angels came to her rescue. 

​​ This dog pictured above here was rescued by Beth Henderson and Robin Bell – both animal advocates out of Buffalo, NY. 
When police found the dog tied to a tree earlier this week, they took her to the local shelter – Niagara County SPCA.  
This story shows the power and importance of microchips.
“She had a name – Skittles,” says Bell. “A woman named Nancy Marie Bunce out of New Jersey received a call from the shelter. The dog had been microchipped and traced back to Nancy. Nancy ran a rescue called Life Long Friends. The story came all together.”
Skittles was rescued by Life Long Friends years ago when she sat on death row at the New York City Animal Control. She was taken into the rescue in 2010. 
“Skittles was just 11-months-old at the time, and was adopted. She was adopted to a home in Pennsylvania, and eight years had passed. The adopter never contacted the rescue, and perhaps Skittles had several owners since then. She is now 9-years-old, almost 10, and she was betrayed horrifically by her original adopter,” Bell exclaims.
Bell has a strong connection with the rescue, and was contacted to step in…and she certainly did!
Skittles landed with Henderson, who is the temporary foster. Skittles will make her way to Renee’s Rescue Inc. of Delaware.

But listen to this – “Skittles original foster from eight years ago is opening up her home AGAIN to long term foster Skittles. It’s definitely a heartwarming homecoming.” 
Bell adds, “Skittles is such a happy girl. She went for a walk and is getting much needed rest. Shelters are extremely stressful, and she will decompress now. She just loves people.”
Police are further investigating Skittles’ original adopter, and are working to get to the bottom of what happened.

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