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Dancing surgeon hits the stage for charity [WATCH: VIDEO]

Medicine and helping those in need may be his passion, but dancing doesn’t fall too far behind.
Dr. Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo is an orthopedic surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota and is world-renowned for his talents in the operating room. 

Now, he can be known around the world for his ability to shake his hips, too…all for an incredible cause!
“I recently participated as a celebrity contestant at the 2018 Dancing for the Arts to benefit youth arts education,” Dr. Sanchez-Sotelo says. “For the 10-weeks prior to the event, I practiced my choreography and when it came time for the real performance, a mix of stage anxiety, excitement and joy surged in my heart.”
He was paired with professional dancer, April Dahl, who helped him master the ballroom dance routine. Their few minutes on stage impressed the crowd, as they worked together to entertain with sultry moves and palpable enthusiasm. Their joy could be felt both in the room, and for those watching after via captured video.

The doctor says that while though it was stressful at times, because of the expectations he put on himself to succeed, once he peered out into the audience to see his incredible show of support that night, those nerves subsided. 
“My heart was racing, but then, as soon as I listened to the first notes of our song and started dancing, I felt like I could perform well, and I had so much fun!”

The physician is incredibly honored to give back to his community, and his motivation to do so stems from his role at the Mayo Clinic.
“At work, I meet many individuals in pain and suffering. It only makes me want to contribute more to the causes around me. Humanitarian activities and the many ways we can contribute to our community are simply wonderful, and I am totally supportive.”
With April’s help as his instructor, and the meaningful support from his girls at home – his significant other, Lori and their daughter, Alexis, he is still reeling from the beautiful emotion of that night. He is also happy to report that the event raised more than $100,000 for youth arts in his community! 

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