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Buffalo Boss Babe spreads hope with goals of empowerment and love

Allow us to introduce you to one fierce, empowering BOSS BABE, who is changing lives in her hometown of Buffalo, NY. 
What is a “Boss Babe” exactly? Carrie Rinehart is that ideal example.

Carrie is teaching ambitious, business-minded women to put their happiness first by taking ownership of their lives and never looking back. What we love most about Carrie, aside from her near flawless fashion sense, is her ability to build an empire and bring other queens with her. 
She gives women kindness and love…most of all, she gives them hope.
Founder of Hope Rises, Kate Glaser, interviewed Carrie about empowering others and what it means to live, breathe and be a BOSS BABE. 

Why did you decide to start Buffalo Boss Babes blog?
I thought about the support that I received from other women and how if I didn’t have that support I would have possibly quit my business. We are there for each other through the bad times and the good and this particular group of women was always there to lift each other up! I started Buffalo Boss Babes to give access to a group like this to every woman in Buffalo.
I searched for a group like this for a year or so and I wasn’t finding it. I attended a few social business groups and many didn’t work with my schedule and some were just to exclusive. Buffalo Boss Babes encompasses a very large group of amazing women in our city from small business owners to lawyers to teachers and more! That was something I was very protective of from the start and what makes Buffalo Boss Babes so unique. It is a room full of strangers that become friends each and every meet up and event. It’s like the vibe in the room makes everyone leave their egos at the door and open up for encouragement and support.
When it first started I honestly had no idea what it would become and now coming up on our first birthday it has been a dream come true. The community that is involved is the most amazing and rewarding part of it all!
What are the positives of women empowering women – why is it so crucial in our world today?
There is something so special about women empowering and supporting women. The discussions and environment in an all women groups are totally different. Women, I think, are very vulnerable and compassionate and if you pair that with a supportive community, it really is a sweet spot.
How do you balance mom life and your successful career?
Balancing Mom and work life is pretty tricky. My wife and I adopted three amazing kids two years ago and it has been a wild ride since then. I think that the number one for me is that I don’t waist time. I was never really a big TV person so it is easier for me to do something productive in the time I would normally be watching TV. Since I don’t have a lot of down time, I try to break things up into manageable tasks so I feel as though I accomplish everything I need to. It consists of many early mornings and many late nights.
Also my kiddos typically get my undivided attention after work until after dinner/ bedtime except maybe 4th quarter or “show season” which they are used to now. This is something I am constantly working on for sure and the hardest part of owning a business and having other projects.

​​ What does it mean to have HOPE – what do you feel HOPE means?
I think hope is such a beautiful thing. Hope means everything to me. If I would have given up hope I honestly wouldn’t have my children or my business or anything else in my life. Hope is sometimes a hard thing to hang onto, especially in the hardest day, but it is worth it.
I am a believer that everything happens the way it should.
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