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Buffalo Autism Project: Why I help families affected by Autism

We started Buffalo Autism Project in July 2017. This is a result of wanting to do more for the families affected with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
My son, Cameron, was diagnosed right after his second birthday.
When we received this diagnosis, we didn’t know what to do or what services were available to us. I have a lot of contacts in the field and still had questions. I was feeling overwhelmed and knew people in the field. How do people who don’t have these resources feel? How could they possibly cope?
Our goal was to get everyone together in one place to show families the services that are available to them and be able to ask those providers any questions they might have. Play groups are also important to us because part of our mission is to spread awareness.
Autism should be something people talk about. The statistics are staggering – 1 in 38 children are diagnosed with ASD.
This makes me think of a typical classroom. One of those children will have ASD. We need to know this and know how to better support these families and children.
My goal is that my son can become as successful as he can be in our ever changing world. My other goal is that everyone has an idea of what Autism looks like: The boy in the grocery store wearing headphones because the sound is too much, the girl flapping her hands because she is excited about seeing something, the family that avoids places and things to avoid meltdowns, the parents that talk in fragments so their child better understands them.

​​We see you and we want to help!  To learn more about Buffalo Autism Project, click here. To like the Hope Rises page, click here.

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