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Bait dog, covered in scars and missing eye, finds a home for Christmas

Kringle loves to cozy up and sleep soundly, now that he knows he is safe in a home with a loving family this Christmas.

Covered in scars, Kringle arrived to the foster home of Amy Benko this week wildly nervous and also inquisitive. Amy says she doesn’t believe that he ever stepped foot into a house by his curious actions. “He just stares at the television when I turn it on with that sweet head tilt. Clearly, everything is brand new to him.”

​​Kringle, pulled from a local shelter to Buffalo, NY, is missing his right eye. What Amy says is saddest is that all of his teeth have been filed down to nubs and he is covered in scars from his head and face to his neck and legs. 
“It is so sad that dog fighting exists and that innocent lives, like Kringle’s, are impacted. His front legs are swollen around his ankles, possibly from being bound and you can literally count every bone on his body.” 
Amy, a committed foster for Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue – that pulled Kringle – agreed to take on Kringle for a few reasons, but mainly she wanted to give him the chance he so deserved to live a normal, happy and deserving of love life. 
“He didn’t have much of a chance without having a home to nurse him back to health. I can’t even begin to understand how people can justify to themselves doing something like this to innocent animals. I hope the worst for anyone who feels that dog fighting and torture are acceptable. These poor dogs suffer so much just to survive and yet they are so forgiving. Kringle is the sweetest gentleman, and is a gentle soul, despite the torture he has been through.”

​​ Kringle will be available for adoption through Diamonds once he puts on enough weight to safely be neutered and have the necessary surgery to his empty eye socket. Donations for Kringle are needed. Please head here if you wish to make a gift in Kringle’s honor.

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