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28 Days of Kindness: Rylie’s ARK

This lasting joy this photo leaves for loved ones of Rylie Guentensberger keeps them going strong when emotions run heavy.

​​ It’s been nearly a year since Rylie’s life was tragically taken due to a freak accident.
She was just 12-years-old. She is remembered for lifting others up when spirits were down. 
Rylie spent 28 days in the hospital as she fought to live.
28 days – her family waited for her to wake up and show them her bright smile. 28 days they longed to talk to their sweet girl once more. 
This is why 28 Days of Kindness was created.
This 28-day journey through Rylie’s ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) is a way to spread kindness, and to gently shake the world with compassion and love. 
Each day…for 28 days…Rylie’s loved ones will find a way to spread a random act of kindness, no matter how big or small. 
“We will hold the door for a stranger, make eye contact, and make conversation. We will buy the cup of coffee for the person behind us, and we will make an extra dinner and leave it on the porch for our neighbor. We will deliver a care package to someone less fortunate than us,” taken from Rylie’s Ark.
See the complete list of action items below. 
Will you join in on the 28 Days of Kindness in honor of Rylie Guentensberger? 

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